There is nothing more inconvenient than having your water heater malfunction. Few mechanical devices are as crucial to your daily life as the hot water heater. Before it suffers a breakdown in the middle of a busy day, knowing the signs to look for may mean you need a water heater repair.

The End of Its Life

The first thing you really should know is how old your water heater is. Like most mechanical systems and appliances in your home, your water heater has an approximate lifespan. Depending on the type of water heater and how well it has been maintained, you can count on anywhere between 10 to 15 years before your it is ready to be replaced.

If yours is struggling and looks to be nearing the end of its life, your best bet is to have it replaced before it breaks down or potentially floods your home. A busy family that actively uses hot water throughout the day may cause a water heater to have a shorter lifespan than one that isn’t so taxed.

Water Has Debris in It

When you turn on the water and your normally clear water begins to show signs of rust, it means that your water heater may be on its way out. Sandy or muddy looking water may mean that your water heater is building up sediment inside. Sometimes this can be remedied by having the tank flushed out but sometimes it will just need to be replaced.

Metallic Taste and Smell

If your hot water is smelling and tasting metallic, chances are that the interior of your tank is breaking down. It’s important to call a Philadelphia plumber to attend to your water heater before it springs a leak. The structural failure of your water heater can result in a damaging flood. Don’t take that risk.

You Have No Hot Water

If you have absolutely no hot water, first check the pilot light or breaker. But if these look fine, your water heater most probably needs to be replaced.


If you are hearing loud cracking or popping noises coming from your water heater, it may mean that the heating element is reacting with mineral deposits inside the tank.


If you are seeing telltale leaking around your unit, don’t waste time. Call a professional Philadelphia plumber. It most probably means that your tank is ready to be replaced. Don’t put off calling a specialist as a flood can cause severe damage to your home.

Constant Repairs

If your water heater has required constant repairs, it may just make sense to replace it. Repairs add up over time and if your water heater isn’t reliable you run the risk of a major malfunction or flood.

If you are dealing with an old or malfunctioning water heater, call the experts at Affordable Fixes. We have a full staff of HVAC and plumbing experts for your every need.

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