Summer is right around the corner. Don’t get caught with a malfunctioning air conditioning system. When the temperature climbs, you don’t want to be caught waiting for service during the busiest time for Philadelphia HVAC repair companies. With a preemptive air conditioning tune-up, you will be ready for summer.

A Tune-Up Makes Sense

Just like any other mechanical system, your air conditioner needs some regular attention. Just like a car, an air conditioner tune-up ensures that all working parts are working at their peak performance. Calling for a tune-up of your system may head off potential costly repairs during the middle of the summer. When a Philadelphia HVAC technician performs an air conditioning tune-up, he will do a thorough check of your entire system:

  • Inspect and calibrate your thermostat – a thermostat that is not working properly will not only affect your temperature but will also affect your energy expenditure
  • Clean or replace your HVAC filter – dirty filters will inhibit airflow and cause your system to work harder than it should
  • Monitor the fan motor – the fan motor ensures that the system is working properly. These can burn out if they get too stressed, sometimes requiring a system replacement. Don’t take that chance.
  • Lubricate all rotating equipment – moving parts without proper lubrication will wear out quicker
  • Inspect interior evaporator coils – evaporator coils that are dirty will make the system inefficient and can lead to eventual compressor failure.
  • Inspect condenser coils – condenser coils that are dirty can raise refrigerant temperature and reduce the efficiency of your system. We also check to make sure the condenser coils are providing sufficient heat removal.
  • Monitor compressor for proper electrical and wiring connections for safety
  • Monitor refrigerant – a blockage can reduce cooling capability and cause a spike in fuel costs
  • Inspect safety devices – keeps your system safe
  • Inspect disconnect box – a worn disconnect box can create a hazard
  • Tighten connections – properly working connections ensure the life of the system
  • Test contactors – worn contactors can lead to system failure
  • Inspect for exposed wiring – ensures the safety of the system
  • Inspect capacitors – malfunctioning capacitors can lead to compressor failure
  • Inspect fan blade – a faulty blade can cause damage to the unit
  • Inspect service valves – extends life of system
  • Measure temperatures on supply and return – makes sure that system is producing a comfortable temperature
  • Inspect ductwork – this ensures you are not losing precious cooled air

Diagnose a Problem Before it Happens

When you hire a Philadelphia HVAC repair technician to maintain your system, you are getting assurance that all parts and components of your system will be working properly when you need it most. During these maintenance visits, the technician will also be able to diagnose any potential issues that may need attention before they lead to a costly breakdown. Having an efficiently operating system can also save substantially on monthly energy bills.

Call a Professional

Before summer comes, you owe it to yourself to have a professional Philadelphia PA air conditioning repair expert do a thorough inspection of your system. Have peace of mind in the middle of our hot summer that your air conditioning system will keep you cool when you need it most. Call Affordable Fixes today to ask how an air conditioning system tune-up can save you from potential breakdowns this summer.

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